How far away is Hong Kong. 
Hong Kong is about 6000 miles away about 12 hours away by airplane. The land route is more than this depending on which way you travel by.

What visas do i need.?
You need a Chinese visa and some others in advance as you can't get one at the border, the cost of this varies depending on your nationality, but dont worry we will help you with arranging this. New rules for China means you have to have a rea life, in person meeting for biometric data collection from 2018

Do i need vacinnes.
Yes we suggest you follow the advice from here

Can i really not take my smartphone, i'll miss it.

Can i just get my dad to drive me?

Lol no.

Will i be sleeping under a bridge on some carboard boxes?
No but you will be staying in budget accomadation or overnight buses / trains to stay within the race budget.


Do i really have to sleep next to a chicken for 20 hours?
More likely than not. So probably yes.

Will this be the most amazing thing i have ever done.
Absolutely,most likely.

I can't convince any of my boring friends to come with me, can i still go.
Yes if you are a single player you can join the buddy list, pair up with someone you connect with.

Will i get time to explore some of the places that i see.
Yes we have built in some time to see some of the more interesting places.

What are the challenges?
Well we cant actaully tell you this otherwise you will practice speed peeling apples won't you. But what we can say is they wont involve you wingsuit flying off the Eiger....

What are the checkpoints/waypoints.
These are places that you will need to travel by and get your stamp ( not literally).

I dont speak any languages other than English is that going to be a problem.
80% of communication is non verbal ,buy yourself a pen & paper and smile a lot.

Do i need insurance?
We recommend at least medical cover as a minimum and sign up for the EHIC card. This card is free ,don't go on a site that asks you to pay for this it's a scam. 

Can i take paper maps and guide books.
Sure we would recommend a world map with the major cities on it.

Can i take a SATNAV with me.
Please stop typing. 

I have a medical condition and need medicine, will i be able to get it?

We recommend that you see your doctor and get a supply to last you for your trip before you go. You will be able to buy general over the counter medicines from local phamacy's. Please do not take any controlled medicine or  controlled pain medicine with you unless you like spending time in cold prison cells. More reading here

How safe is it travelling through all these countries, are we going through a war zone?
No the route doest go via any war zones, here is  the recommend advice from the government here 
We do not have any checkpoints in  the
red  or orange zones.

Can you explain how it actually works.

The team goal is to reach Hong Kong, leaving from London. You have to navigate to a  different location using the land based transport system. Once you reach your designated location you will then be given the next one. You will have to do this faster than the other teams, and within the set budget that all the teams have. So in short you will need to navigate the best route and find somewhere to stay all without using your phone. It's a long adventure and will take upto a 28 days to finish.

Ok im interested, when it is 

The race starts in the  Summer 2019. You can register your interest for information about the costs, dates etc just email us for more information. .




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