How to send your work

In Five Easy steps...

We can accept Microsoft and office documents all formats, Google docs, sheets and slides, PDF Formats, and picture files.

Scanned documents and photos of documents that are in focus and readable. We can also accept voice instructions if you prefer to speak your instructions. You can send these to us using Google drive or email.

You can also use the Google drive desktop and mobile App for the IPhone/Android Smartphones, this App has a built in scan function for recording receipts and documents which makes recording documents very easy.

Please watch the video on Google drive to learn more Here.


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Common Questions and Answers about Google Drive.

Link for Google Drive Support if you have any questions not covered below.



Q. Google drive is it free?

A. Yes, if the file size is under 15GB, then it’s free.

Q. Can't i just email you the work.

A. Yes, if you want to but email is limited in size that you can send, in some case as low as 25MB. 

Q. Does Google drive work on all devices?

A. Yes you can use drive on your laptop, desktop, Smartphone and tablets.

Q. Is my data safe?

A. Yes, Google drive uses Encryption to make your documents safe and you keep control of your own data with your own account.

Q. Can you see my other files on Google drive?

A. No we can only view the folder that you shared; we can’t view, download or view any other file. 

Q. I deleted my files accidentally.

A. Click the recycle bin icon left hand side where you will see your deleted file, click the file then right click and click either restore or delete.

*Personal non business customers only. Business customers require gsuite.