Confirmation of Working Arrangements

Conformation compliance with IR35.

HippoCloud provides service contractor arrangements to Private and Business users. As a contractor it is important that they are not treated in the same way, as an employee we would therefore like to set out the basis upon which HippoCloud will undertake the work as follows:


HippoCloud has been engaged to provide outsourcing services, for the period specified in the package the client has chosen.


HippoCloud has the right to substitute the service provider, provided that the contractor concerned have the requisite skills. We will always consult with our clients on this matter. The client has the right to refuse any such replacement if they feel the replacement isn’t suitable or qualified (This forms part of the IR35 guidelines on what constitutes an employee or contractor)


The contractor has the freedom to work from anywhere and is not required to work at the client’s location.


Payments will be pre-paid for the service required. If we are unable to fulfill our service you will be refunded for the time that was not completed. Control over


The Supplier may at any time and without giving the client prior notification, make any changes to the specified service

Which are necessary to comply with any applicable safety or other statutory requirements, or make any changes to the

Specified service which does not materially affect the nature or quality of the specified service.


The services shall be provided at such locations, and during such hours, as the Supplier deems appropriate for the

Satisfactory provision of the services.


The services can be undertaken at the contractor’s location of their choosing.


HippoCloud has been engaged to provide specialist services and if asked to undertake work outside the scope of this contract

Would need to provide an additional quote and agree separate terms for the provision of such services.


HippoCloud has been engaged for its specialist skills and experience and therefore will have autonomy over its working methods.

Any relevant quality standards, guidelines and reasonable requirements of the client will be adhered to, but HippoCloud will determine

The manner in which the services are to be provided.


The client The Client is under no obligation to offer further contracts or services to the Supplier nor is the Supplier under obligation

To accept such contracts or services if offered. The Supplier is not obliged to make its services available except for the

Performance of its obligations under this Agreement. Both parties agree and intend that there be no mutuality of

Obligations either during or following the agreement, whatsoever.

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