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What is HippoCloud all about?

We provide services to both private and business customers. We make your life more productive and cost effective through outsourcing. In essence you get to focus on the important things in your life or business.


What services do you offer?

We offer two different services the first is service on demand ,this means that you need a service for a short period of time or occasionally. You send us the work and we return it you within the time stated. Business and private users.

The second is a full time or part time contract service with your own team member. This is a either a live service in real time or task based and is  for both business and private users.


What does your service provide?

We complete the work as instructed for personal customers, and for our business customers we provide the staff, the team ,all non-work related issues, pc’s, payroll , team support  admin and  software. Specialist software is extra for Business Clients.


What is a service team member?

With this service the contractor just provides their service to you alone in real time or tasked based  to your requirements. Business and Private Clients.


Can I have more than one service?

Yes, you can have your own service team that works just for you. Business.


Do the team members speak English?

Yes, our high calibre team members are mostly graduates, with high levels of spoken and written English. If you want you can test them before you hire them. Business.


Can you provide more senior services?

Yes, the standard model is for the general service, if you need a HR manager or senior IT specialist for example, we can provide that to. Business.


Is my staff member employed by me?

No, for  business customers we contract the services of our team members and provide a service contract to you. You can instruct your team member and manage them as you require. This is called a service contract, it's not an employment contract and it complies with rule IR35. We manage, and you supervise their work, just like any other team member.


Can I interview the new team member?

Yes, for our live service contract you can Skype video chat and test the new candidate any way you like within reason.


Can I have just a part time contract?

Yes, that’s fine minimum 8 hours. Business.


How can I find the right person?

You tell us exactly who you are looking for; the skill set etc. We will shortlist the candidates, send you their CV and you decide who would like to interview. Business.


Ok I’m interested now what?

Send us your details and your requirements, job description etc, and we will take care of the rest. Business and Private.


How quickly can I have a new team member?

As soon as you have decided which person you want ,and they are available you can start straight away. Business.


How do I pay?

This is pre pay service ,this means you pay for your team member/service in advance. You can pay online via our payment gateway. In time blocks for private customers and 30 days for business customers. Business and Private.


What extra do I have to pay?

The only extra is the 7 day  cancellation period for business customers which are refundable. Business


Can I cancel?

Yes you can see our terms and conditions. The fixed service is a renewing 30 day contract; you can cancel with 7 days’ notice, for business customers. Business.


Can I have a team?

Yes you can have your own team working on your own project. Business.


What is extra?

Any specialist software or monitoring software is extra, which is provided at cost. Business and Private.


How do I communicate with my Team?

Skype video/audio Whatsapp and email. For non-personal service contracts and private customers. We support our customers with email only and text. This keeps our prices costs affective. Business and Private.


Do you manage my team?

No, the responsibility to manage the team member is down to the client. Business customers.


Can I train my team?

Yes, we can provide training for your service contact for example , in accounting , office programs. Business.


Can my Team  work on UK Time?

Yes they can, or whatever time fits with your business.  Business.                                                                                                                                                                         

Are my team members supervised?

Yes, this depends on your requirement which can be as simple as clock in and off or  to actively monitoring the pc and remote monitoring. Business.


Is my data secured?

Yes we can offer various options depending on your needs, for example a VPN to your servers or  a thin client, so no information is stored on end users pc. PC monitoring and  secure data transfer with encryption. Business and Private.


How do i send you the work?

We use cloud storage to store your files with Google drive or use  email. Details here Business and Private.

What data protection do you have?

Yes we offer this as standard, plus we have Non discloser contracts. We comply with the UK data protection Act ,and Hong Kong Data ordinance you always remain in control of the data you supply us. Business and Private.

Can I block certain website?

Yes with remote monitoring you can block specific website. eg Facebook etc. Business.